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    2005 WINNERS

    Gold Winner – plaque, and a DELUXE 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise, from Miami to Belize, Isla Roatan, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.  

    OK and the winner is…..

    GOLD Teacher of Character – 2005: Patricia MarshallThis winner exemplifies the six pillars of character in many ways.  She embodies the traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.  She can always be trusted.  A specific example of caring was given on her nomination form it is how she prepared one of her students well for middle school and understood the anxiety of moving to a different and larger school.  She was a pillar of support in many moral ways and is always very patient with her students.  She respects their ideas and gives them a fair chance to express themselves.

    She has a vast knowledge of different subjects, very organized and thinks of different way to enrich the lives of her students.  She went above and beyond the curriculum to teach different aspects of science, math and technology.  

    She has been involved in various community volunteer programs that include being a CASA volunteer, a board member of the Roswell Refuge for Battered Adults, the NMMI swim team, cub scouts and various activities at her church.

    Nominated by former students Natasha and Anisha Suri,

    Congratulations to the 2005 Teacher of Character GOLD Winner, Enrichment Teacher at Del Norte Elementary, Patricia Marshall.

    Silver Winners - win a plaque, and a 5 day Western Caribbean Cruise, from New Orleans to Calica, Playa De Carmen, and Cozumel.  

    SILVER Teacher of Character winners

    SILVER Teacher of Character – 2005:  Hayden HillThis winner is described as always a positive role model.  His students say he shows them respect and in return earns theirs.  He respects their working time and is responsible in helping them get their assignments completed.  He lets us know every day how happy he is that we are here at school and is always giving us encouragement.  He cares for us, is understanding and makes learning fun.

    This nominee helped with the incentives to get students to attend school more often.  He wants his students to do well and succeed in life. He goes out of his way to push his students to where they need to be in order to be successful.  He involves his students in activities to further their knowledge.

    Outside of school, he is always giving positive encouragement to others.  He respects everyone that he meets.  

    Nominated by:  Students Kelsey Douglass, Alycia Neff, and Jessica Watrin

    Congratulations to our 1st SILVER WINNER U.S. & World History teacher and Coach at Goddard High School, Hayden Hill.

    SILVER Teacher of Character – 2005:  Tanya KraftThis next winner has a great passion for teaching that overflows from the heart.  She is committed to working with students even though the subject may require many additional hours of study.  She appreciates the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students.  She pushes her students to master the subject matter at the same time encourages them as they work.  

    Her students say she actually listens to them, is patient with them and puts forth all her effort to help them understand their studies.  She exemplifies a good example of the kind of person a student would like to be.  She is a wonderful teacher and goes the extra mile all the time.  She never picks favorites and makes sure that everyone is included in every activity.  

    She has been involved in various activities by volunteering time and effort to make a difference in the community.  Her faith comes through as an example to everyone in the community.  

    This nominee  means more to a lot of people than just words on a piece of paper.  She is truly a humble servant.

    Nominated by: Students Laurel Powers, Brenna Vander Hulst,  Rebekah Shepherd, Kurt McWhorter and her husband.

    Congratulations to our 2nd SILVER winner, a middle & High School Teacher, at  Valley Christian Academy, Tanya Kraft.

    SILVER Teacher of Character – 2005:  Rissie DaubertThis next winner has been a favorite teacher for many years, When students are asked at the high school level to nominate their favorite teacher for the annual, many years she has been selected as the recipient.  As an English instructor she has required her students to be responsible for their academic work.  She never lets her students under estimate their potential.  She has the respect of the students as well as the respect of the educators in the district.  Throughout her tenure she has served as High School Student Council sponsor.  It’s remarkable how she has guided the students to do their council jobs fittingly while allowing for their youthful enthusiasm to blossom.

    She has been newly appointed teacher for the gifted and talented and has tapped the potential of these students for many activities.  She sets up support systems of students and faculty to assist those in need in the community.  This teacher has written more skits, more poems, more letters and more posters honoring others that it is certainly time for her to be on the receiving end.

    Nominated by Janet Boswell, Instructor within same school district, mother of a student.

    Congratulations to our 3rd SILVER Winner, English, Gifted and Leadership teacher at Dexter High School, Rissie Daubert

    SILVER Teacher of Character – 2005:  Charles WardThis next winner has been described as a leader; He leads his students and team with the utmost dedication and responsibility of setting the example.  He is fair with everyone, never showing favorites.  He is dedicated to his profession and teaching isn’t just a job for him – it is a way of life.  He brings the best out of his students by encouraging them to leave lives of character.  He gives of his time because he knows it will help make someone else’s life better.  He has high principles and never wavers from them in his decision-making.  He is an effective leader in every sense of the word.

    He is the first to show up, lend assistance and the last to leave.  He is active in many volunteer activities within the community, including Sertoma, Yucca Center, youth sport leagues, church activities and many more.  He says he gives back to his community and for him it is a joy to serve others.

    This nominee’s children compare him to a rock that causes beautiful ripples.  As the touches the lives of many, the beginning ripple grows bigger and more lives are touched.

    Nominated Laurie Jerge, Yucca Recreation Center Supervisor & his children

    Congratulations, our 4th SILVER WINNER, Physical Education Teacher at Mountain View, Mesa Middle School & NMMI, Charlie Ward.

    SILVER Teacher of Character – 2005:  Oscar HernandezThis next winner just wasn’t done, when it was time to retire, he said no, and started a new career.  

    His new career brought out the best in him he has shown what a real teacher can do.  He can be trusted to help on any problem.  He displays outstanding support for students at his school.  He never faults on his responsibility making sure that every student knows what they need to be successful.

    He tries to make as many cadet activities as possible to show his support.  He takes time out of his busy day to visit sick students making sure they don’t fall behind in their studies.  He has been an active member of several community activities such as Civic groups, youth sports activities, united way and so many more.  But For him, the students always come first!  

    Nominated by student Bennett Fulton

    Congratulations to our Final SILVER Award Winner, a Spanish teacher at New Mexico Military Institute, Oscar Hernandez.

    BRONZE AWARD Winners - receive a plaque and a certificate of achievement

    Major Linda Scott New Mexico Military Institute
    Captain Rhonda Johnson New Mexico Military Institute
    Captain David Crilly New Mexico Military Institute
    J. Dwight Burns New Mexico Military Institute
    Teresa Rhodes Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
    Lorrie Miller Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
    Tammy Lueras Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
    Margarita Sanchez Dexter Elementary School
    Albertina Silva Dexter Pre-School
    Ruben Campos Dexter Elementary School
    Dr. Bob Hudgens Dexter High School
    Kristen Holcomb Valley Christian Academy
    Cathy Jimenez Nancy Lopez Elementary
    Elaine Howe Creative Learning Center
    Cynthia Gustamantes Monterrey Elementary
    Joan Markham Roswell High School
    Gaylia Castrillo Roswell High School
    Robert Hernandez Roswell High School
    Julie Franklin Lake Arthur Schools
    Karen Franklin Hagerman Elementary School
    Shelby Luck Berrendo Middle School
    John Sisneros Youth ChalleNGe
    Fronnie Bealer Youth ChalleNGe
    Sarah Berry Valley Christian Academy
  • 2004 Teachers of Character


    Gold Janet Boswell Dexter Kindergarten
    Silver Nancy Bowles Roswell High
    Sally McKay El Capitan Kindergarten
    Jean Hamill Hagerman 3rd Grade
    Diane Childress Del Norte 2nd Grade
    Darlene Logan New Mexico Military Institute
    Bronze Stephanie Gardner Berrendo Middle
    Joe Harton Del Norte Elementary
    Roberta DeWeber East Grand Plains Elementary
    Patsy Miller East Grand Plains Elementary
    Suzanne Berry ENMU-Roswell
    Susan Golden ENMU-Roswell
    Ferron Sutton ENMU-Roswell
    Peggy Mason Gateway Christian
    Eva McCullaum Goddard High
    Kathleen Lovas Hagerman High
    Jesus Trujillo Hagerman High
    Jackie Jackson Military Heights Elementary
    Amanda Patterson Military Heights Elementary
    Carol Nowak Mountain View Middle
    Melissa Jones-Witt Roswell High
    Rufe Dunnaho Roswell Job Corps
    Michelle Niece Sierra Middle
    Jenny Ward Sierra Middle
    Deana Hughes Sunset Elementary
    Penny Cardona Valley Christian Academy